�”Venus-9″ after half a century of spacetravel will return to Earth

Scientist Pavel Shubin, engaged in history among other things
astronautics, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, that
mysterious Soviet station “Venera-9” in the coming years will fall on

As is known, the station was launched in the USSR on March 27, 1972.
�”Venus-8″, which, as planned, successfully reached
the second planet from the Sun and made a landing there. But few
knows that on March 31 of the same year after her was launched
another twin station – Venera-9. But because of her failure
the engine failed, and the device with the overclocking unit “stuck” on
orbit the earth.

So he hangs there still, and under the name
�Cosmos-482, since the Soviet Union, in order not to confess
failure, immediately reported the launch of an orbital satellite with such
by name.

According to Pavel Shubin, the mythical Venus-9 will fall on
The earth in the coming years is between about 52 degrees north and
southern latitude. This apparatus is curious, according to the scientist, from many
points of view: from the scientific, archaeological, historical and so on.
For example, it will be interesting to see how so much
long space flight on the materials of which are made
descent vehicle, not to mention many other aspects.

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