Very rare and little-known creature fell intocamera lens

On earth there are very rare, and therefore truly mysterious
creatures almost fabulous. These include, for example,
Orli pika, which biologists consider to be a great miracle, well
let alone take a photo or video on the nature – just fantastic.

But just such a fantastic shooting took place not long ago in
The Tien Shan Mountains of Xinjiang Province of China, which borders
Kazakhstan. Scientists studying rare animals of the Middle Kingdom
I was lucky to shoot a video on the video, which, we note, who like from
He did not name the researchers of the earth’s fauna: a dog, a hamster, and
even a mini-teddy bear.

To find a mountain pika in nature is so difficult that it sometimes
It does seem to be a beast coming into our world from
parallel reality. Lives (or maybe really
only appears from somewhere) this creature at an altitude of about 2800 – 4100
meters, and only in this place, but because scientists know about pika very

For the first time this creature in 1983 found here in the mountains
Xinjiang Province Chinese biologist Li Weidong, who called him
magic rabbit. Already a pensioner, Li Weidong dedicated himself
without the rest of the attempts of a new meeting with this mysterious animal.
He was assisted by young volunteer researchers
spreading video traps wherever they can appear
Ili pikuhi.

It would seem that a simple mission was only successful in 2014,
when the pika was finally “caught” by one of the cameras. Then showing
received footage and telling journalists National
Geographic about this amazing fabulous rabbit, Li Weidong
He called on the Chinese authorities to protect the rarest animals, which
moment, he predicted, no more than one thousand left

And here is a new sensation for biologists – in four years on video
the rare and amazing mammal Ili Pika, oh
which biologists do not stop arguing what it is – a rabbit,
hamster, dog or something completely different.

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