Victorian ghost watched from the windowas a child

Englishwoman Louise Lenton, who never really believed in
supernatural phenomena, came at a loss, at the same time
having experienced a certain shock when discovered something strange on
recently filmed video. Frightened Briton suggests that
The lens of her camera was a real ghost.

According to our heroine, a few days ago she went with
5-year-old son to an abandoned Aldway mansion, built
back in the Victorian era so that the boy ride next to it
historic building on a bike enjoying nature and
at the same time absorbing the beauty of the architecture of the past centuries. Mother
She took out a smartphone and captured the son’s entertainment on video.

Looking through the subsequently received footage, Louise unexpectedly
noticed an elderly woman in an old-fashioned outfit standing on them
near the window and looked, apparently, right on the child!
Of course, Lenton was stunned by this discovery, and the reasons for
This she had several:

  • firstly, our heroine is ready to swear that she did not see
    shooting time no outsiders, including in the windows
    historic building;
  • secondly, in the Oldway Mansion, as she then with surprise
    found out there is no one but a lonely male guard;
  • thirdly, the mysterious silhouette in the window looks like a phantom of
    another era, or like an old photo card.

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