Video from the Yeti going provoked heated discussions inNetwork

Staff at the Deingerfield State Park Recreation Area in Texas
shared with the World Wide Web users an amazing post.
According to the Americans, one of the local CCTV cameras
captured at night a strange humanoid creature. Who

The black and white video shown below demonstrates the erect
a creature with dark hair crossing the road. Authors publication
suggest that it could be a legendary bigfoot who decided
stroll through the recreation area in the absence of people. However, employees
the park among the skeptics do not deny that we can talk about
some joker in a gorilla suit who specifically got into
camera lens. However, this is not much like the truth, since
recreation area any events quickly spread and gain
general publicity. For this reason, many would know about such a joke. BUT
there is only a security camera …

Record quickly riveted the attention of Internet users, gathering
tens of thousands of views. Thomas non-believers, of course, felt
that this is a hoax arranged with the participation of park personnel, which is why
all this and is covered until a certain secret. Soon here
the so-called Bigfoot week with mass
celebrations and games, therefore, they say, it is possible that civil servants
decided to attract visitors in this way

Другие завсегдатаи Network поверили в то, что на ролике изображен
real yeti. In their opinion, the aforementioned annual “week
Bigfoot, on the other hand, is indirect evidence of this. Her
once started conducting in Deingerfield State Park precisely because
that the alleged relic is repeatedly noticed
hominid. It is even possible that the snow man appeared here as
again for this reason: we gave the yeti (or are they really
possess) remarkable abilities, for example, to telepathy,
hypnosis, teleportation and so on. Why would a humanoid with so
huge opportunities not to shine for the holiday,
arranged in his honor? At least for fun or even
thanks …

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