Video of a kitten with a human head causedwide resonance on the Internet

Law enforcement officers in malaysia were forced
appeal to the public with a very strange official
a statement. Local police deny the existence of a kitten with
human head that was allegedly discovered here

The following video at lightning speed
scattered across the world wide web, gathering thousands of comments.
Skeptics, of course, believe that we are talking about outlandish and
overly realistic toy, however, there were quite a few
commentators who believed in the reality of an amazing chimera.

Unknown individual who posted this video on the Web has signed
underneath that an animal-like creature unknown to science
of the family of cats with the head of a child, it was discovered in the Malaysian
parts of the peninsula of Malacca. Ostensibly someone stumbled upon it on
the state border of Pahang and phoned the specialists who took
mysterious creature with him in an unknown direction.

The head of the Malaysian state police after such a hype in
The Internet has reported that this is a skillful hoax, and no
pink fanged creature, which is a hybrid of a cat and a man,
never existed in nature. The guardians of the law are convinced that
This is someone’s handicraft. However, how do they know about the secret
activities of scientists in the country, if any?

Many Malaysian Internet users are still convinced
that this is a creepy mutant grown in some kind of top secret
laboratories. Hence, they say, and the haste in its seizure. After all, usually
creatures unknown to science that come across in nature are the same mutants
nobody is interested, and therefore to scientists, representatives of the authorities
Structures still try to reach out. And then … strange haste and
mystery Moreover, suspicious police perseverance
hush up the hype near this mysterious creature …

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