Video of the frozen Atlantic Ocean surprisedweb users

In Russia, an abnormally warm winter is now observed, however
some other parts of the world are less fortunate. So, in the North
America is currently suffering from abnormal frosts.
Even the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is thoroughly frozen here and
covered with a thick layer of ice. Just imagine: you can
free to go and even drive through the ocean hundreds of meters ahead. Have
would you have the courage for such fun?

Ice and snow, leaving so far from the coast, create a truly
surreal picture. However, some locals do not
are discouraged and happily walking on the ice. By including submitted
below are videotapes shot by american ryan canti with
quadrocopter, you can see this miracle of nature with your own eyes.
According to Kanti, the temperature has dropped here this winter to
minus 30 degrees Celsius, although in previous years only reached
minus 8. Unfortunately, because of this, in the last 10 days
In the United States, at least 13 people died of cold, and this
still excluding the homeless.

Virtually the entire east coast suffers from frost and
snowfall. Over 100 million people experience significant
the difficulties. Cold Arctic cyclone beats all records and expenses
US government to fight the effects of frost also
passed for a record mark. For example, in Massachusetts had to
evacuate several cities when their streets flooded the surf, and
the water instantly froze. Hospitals work here in an enhanced
mode due to widespread and multiple cases of frostbite

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