Video: the Cambodian actress moved intoevil spirits

A mysterious video was received from the Kingdom of Cambodia, in which
may have captured a man possessed by evil forces. During
amateur theatrical production held in the city
Battambang, one of the actresses suddenly began to behave very strange
and scary.

The girl began to rush to others and almost strangled
one person a piece of wire. She screamed in a terrible voice and
flexing its joints at unnatural angles. Colleagues of this
театральной дамы посчитали, что в нее вселилась evil spirits, и заперли
actress in the dressing room. By turning on the video below, you can
see the Cambodian sitting there on the floor.

Ironically, on the stage a girl played a role shortly before
ghosts No wonder they say that a person should be more attentive
keep track of who he calls himself and whom he portrays. Special
This concerns, of course, actors.

So, in the 1960s, the little-known British stage performer Archie
Ferguson went mad, playing in a play where his hero on the plot
slaughtered my wife. This role rendered the stage master so strong
the influence that he, like his character, inflicted his own
his wife was stabbed several times and was placed in a psychiatric
hospital strict regimen. Note that the examples when the actors even
died after they played the role of a dead man, more than
abound. Suffice it to recall at least Russian – Basil
Shukshina (“Kalina Krasnaya”), Leonid Bykov (“Aty-baty, went
soldiers “) and many others, and Natalya Varley, having played the deceased in
�“Vie”, has long prayed this sin in the church, still believing that
you shouldn’t make such a mistake in your acting career – she’s
fraught with serious consequences. But, of course, not only the roles
dead, but other mystical play on the stage is dangerous for
actors that showed, for example, Anna’s premature death
Friske and many of her colleagues involved in the mystic film “Night

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