Video trap in the dense forest Komi “caught”Bigfoot

In the Komi Republic of the Russian Federation, local residents Olga Kucherenko and Mikhail
Smirnov installed a video trap in a dense forest, in whose lens
got a real yeti.

At least, the organizers of this video trap think so,
as, by the way, many cryptozoologists who have already met
unique frames.

The camcorder was installed at approximately fifty
kilometers from the city of Syktyvkar, and the place chosen is far from
by chance: first, this is a wild, almost impassable forest,
secondly, it was here that local hunters often noticed
загадочное существо — Bigfoot. But the main reason is
that Olga herself met here once the yeti, whom
locals call – yag-mortom. The woman was so
struck by this meeting that contacted the famous Russian
Igor Burtsev, a cryptozoologist, who advised to establish
DVRs in the forest, and next to expand the “gifts” for yeti –
bread, apples, thanks to which the chance to catch a camera lens
mysterious creatures increase significantly. And so it happened …

Frames turned out dzhovno clear. We see them (see
entry below) as a two-legged hairy figure flashes several times in
gleams of trees. Unfortunately far (70-80 meters), but
even this is a great success. Here is what Igor himself says on this occasion.
Burtsev, who is the head of the International Center
hominology and who got this video from the authors among

Without a doubt, this is a snow man, scientifically,
hominoid. Notice how he moves in a peculiar way.
quite the same as the bigfoot female on Gimlin’s unique video and
Patterson, shot them back in 1967. No man no
one monkey does not have such a “floating” gait. Therefore Olga
Kucherenko and Mikhail Smirnov can be congratulated with great luck!

As Olga, a snowman, he is a yag-morte, for some reason
he didn’t covet his treats, he didn’t even come close to the camera
as if he understood that it was a trap, even if it was harmless for him, but
all the same – a trap.

Now this video is analyzed by many cryptozoologists of Russia, the USA and
many other countries of the world. By the way, among them are experts who
at one time checked the authenticity of the film about bigfoot
Patterson-Gimlin, proving that this is real footage. It seems that
they will make the same conclusion in this case.

Sam Igor Burtsev immediately went to the place of shooting, that is, in
Republic of Komi. Ему хочется найти следы Bigfoot,
determine by its and broken branches its growth, perhaps even the floor,
and if you’re lucky – and the habitat. But, as a rule, the yeti is very
careful and, besides, have incredible abilities,
let’s say, fantastic intuition, telepathy, hypnosis. Trace
such a hominoid is not an easy task.

The fact is that snow people are capable of dissolving in
the air. Some researchers say the Yeti go to your
parallel world, others – that they are able to “avert the eyes”
observers, pursuers. Like it or not, it is not exactly known
but to track down this mysterious creature is a whole problem, even to take off
On video in high quality never manages, and already catch, as
dream some hunters – something quite beyond.

So this time the yeti didn’t even come close to the video-trap:
obviously, he felt something was amiss and immediately went away …

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