Video with an alien on the roof of the White House causedon the web heated discussions

A Chinese tourist who recently visited the capital of the United States
filmed something strange – supposedly a stranger on White’s roof

When the mysterious video hit the World Wide Web, many
netizens find that the video looks too good
to be true. The fact is that the record is clearly visible
a huge gray humanoid standing right on the roof of the official
the residence of the American president, and in broad daylight!

Is this a real alien? If so, then what to him
needed at the top of the White House? Maybe Donald Trump is
collusion with representatives of extraterrestrial civilization? Probably,
aliens have established ongoing monitoring of the leadership of the United States,
fearing that it is already really threatening the world with the Third World War with
the use of atomic weapons …

Unfortunately, the answers to all these questions are the general public.
hardly find out. Skeptics, of course, do not believe that
submitted video is genuine – too much played
it, they say, looks like. According to many doubters, this is the most
ordinary computer graphics. Other materialists suggest that
for the alien gullible Internet contingent took
any modern antenna mounted on
US government building.

The Chinese, who sent his video to ufologists, wished to stay
anonymous. We only know that he came to Washington with his family during
vacation time. Once outside the White House, a man unexpectedly
noticed some moving object on the roof. He recorded it on
video, and subsequently watched the received record and with surprise
I realized that I captured on it a certain creature, very similar to
tailed alien with a disproportionately large head.

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