Video with incomprehensible reflection in the mirror surprisedNetwork

Mom of a 4-year-old boy from the American city of San Antonio,
the state of Texas, was puzzled after getting incomprehensible
video with his son.

The child was grimacing near the mirror, and the relative decided
Capture this action on a smartphone. However, something happened
unexpected that was successfully captured on camera.

When the preschooler stopped making faces and walked away from the mirror,
his mother suddenly realized that his reflection had left the frame somewhat
earlier. And this, of course, is pure physical
by impossibility.

As you might guess, our heroine was very surprised and
even scared of such an unusual discovery. She many times
looked at the mysterious video, making sure that what happened was not
its hallucination. After that, the American decided to post material
into the world wide web. By including the following entry, you
You can see the “living reflection” with your own eyes. Video fast
scattered across the web, gathering thousands of comments on various

Some Internet users are convinced that they hit the camera
phenomenon of supernatural nature. For others, we have
result of skillful installation. There are also commentators who do not
believe in mystification, but try to find what happened
rational explanation. For example, a hypothesis is advanced that speech
goes about the fancy optical illusion caused by angles
the location of the mirror and camera.

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