Videos of the snowmanshook the internet

The dog trainer from the US state of New York some
time ago he published on the Internet a series of clips depicting
presumably, the remains of a snowman. Only
Now Western cryptozoologists and researchers paranormalschiny
Notice these amazing videos.

Their author, Peter Kane, claims that the video demonstrates parts
the body of a real bigfoot, which his father himself
shot in 1953. Some fragments of a corpse, according to the man,
frozen, others dried.

Hairy feet, severed arms and even icy head
saschocha with perfectly even teeth – all this you can contemplate on
the videos below. Peter assures Internet users
that these remains are real and asks the audience to be more open to
the unknown. He says:

Of course, I sometimes like to make fun of others, but not in this
case. Everything you see on the pictures I shot is absolutely

Striking videos surprised both specialists in the field
cryptozoology, and ordinary users of the World Wide Web. TO
сожалению, TOейн отказывается предоставлять останки ученым для
проведения анализа ДНTO и прочих тестов. This is how easy
guess, caused a lot of skepticism in his direction. However,
the American does not see any point in communicating with the people of science. Here is
How he explains his decision:

Scientists who do not recognize the existence of snow people in any
case they will call it a fake to keep their own
reputation. If this were not the case, then they would have long ago recognized
Yeti, and Chupacabra, and other mysterious humanoids appearing in
Our world knows where – evidence of this has already been accumulated
abound. However, this notorious “unknown from where” and scares
Orthodox, because otherwise you need to revise the whole
our science. Does anyone decide on this if I give
Scientists remains snowman? Do you believe it? Why not
there is no point in repeating what has been repeated hundreds of times, and
выводы, как всегда, одни и те же — ДНTO непременно окажется медведя
or monkeys …

Indeed, the way it is, and it concerns not only
mysterious creatures that mythically appear in our
reality, but the same story, sucked, as they say
many researchers, from a finger. No archaeological finds,
no irrefutable artifacts proving that man
existed on earth hundreds of millions of years ago cannot shake
academic science and move it to revise at least some
well-established false postulates, for example, she disagrees even with
by the fact that man was settled on a planet not from the African
continent. And although there are already hundreds of irrefutable
evidence, WHO, as they say, is now in Africa. Therefore, so
хочется завершить свою статью ироническими словами Питера TOейна: и
do you think that academic science is based on some remains
recognizes the snowman, as if not so …

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