Virtual archaeologist discovered a UFO on the passDyatlova

The indefatigable Ural virtual archaeologist and ufologist Valentin
Degterev using the site Google Earth found another broken
alien ship. However, this time around his search from
Amazon’s impassable jungle has moved to its native Urals. And How
it turned out not in vain.

The fact is that Degterev discovered the wreckage of the “flying saucer”
где-нибудь, а на загадочном перевале Dyatlova, жуткая трагедия
which haunts almost 60 years to researchers of all stripes.
Frankly, the death of a group of students of the University of Sverdlovsk,
which occurred in 1959, and with very strange
circumstances are still shrouded in mystery since dozens
theories, one the other contradictory, a bullet in this matter and
not set.

And here on you – it turns out almost at the very top of the mountain
Холатчахль, на склоне которой и погибла группа Dyatlova, с восточной
her side is resting disc-shaped UFO (coordinates – 61 ° 45.687’N,
59 ° 25.724’E). The ship is relatively large, not less than 20 meters in
diameter, and a height of about 10 meters. And the “flying saucer”
apparently landed here pretty neatly because
serious damage is not noticed.

The object is clearly man-made, a ufologist comments on his find,
it is impossible to connect it with the wreckage of our satellites and rockets –
too large. And the fact that this is a UFO, no one has yet discovered
is explained very easily: “The Mountain of the Dead”, as they still call it
Holatchahl, the place is pretty wild and unapproachable. However, I even
I admit that the mountain itself is very “tricky” and “insidious”,
able to work wonders. It is not by chance that scientists, however
бьются, не могут найти причину гибели группы Dyatlova – вот уж
how many decades, and now this alien ship is here … Not
Are there too many mysterious coincidences? ..

Valentine immediately warns the dodgers from among
romantics ufologists, that the ascent of Mount Holatchakhl is difficult and even
deadly – and in the physical, and even in some kind of mythical
plan. Perhaps this is due to the presence here.
aliens who knows? In any case, the risk is not worth it, especially
newcomers to climbing and ufology …

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