Virtual archaeologists discovered on Marsremains of the city

According to online archaeologists, the camera rover Curiosity
sometimes they shoot striking things for which a specialist
NASA for some reason do not pay attention, most likely because they themselves
know (and hide) much more information about this amazing
the planet.

This time, independent space explorers found on
rover photographs, the ruins of an ancient Martian city.
Note, advise virtual archaeologists, on these
bizarre hilly formations that are similar at first sight
not chaotic heaps of stones, as it wants to present
us nasa. And in fact it is the remains of houses, fences, perhaps
religious buildings and structures. With a certain attentiveness and
some fantasy can even consider a statue of a martian
holding either a spear or the flagpole of a flag (see photo, more
in detail – on video).

However, skeptics have nothing in this “ancient city of the Martians”
they saw, except for really a jumble of rocks and stones.
Probably for this reason, these images did not cause any fear
from the US space agency staff that they are not
they even began to retouch them and distort them with color. Or maybe as believed
some conspiracy therapists, the general public is just metered
throw up such “cosmic surprises”, and thus
earthlings are gradually being prepared to realize that we are in this universe
not alone, because it has long been known to the authorities
Of the earth.

However, with such information you need to be extremely careful.
(not extremely skeptical). Today on the Internet, for example,
you can even find information that Americans already have their
bases on Mars, and travel there via teleportation –
technology, which they transferred aliens. True, believe it
with difficulty, if only because the US spends billions of dollars on
implementation of NASA projects, projects that are beyond the Mars rovers so far
do not go. The question is, why? From excess money? However the United
In economic terms, states have long been cracking at the seams and are about to
collapse, they are not today to such expensive hoaxes …

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