Virtual archaeologists have found “folding” on Marsknife

Virtual archaeologists, daily studying images of the Red
planets by NASA, told about their new discovery. By
According to researchers, in April 2016, the American planetary cruiser
�”Curiosity” photographed on the surface of Mars something
suspiciously resembling a folding knife of the old sample.
Reflecting on the nature of their findings, the experts concluded that
it is indeed an alien cutting tool, the blade of which
retracted in the handle.

Researchers suggest that alien representatives
civilizations invented penknife for many centuries or millennia
back and passed the knowledge of such a useful tool to mankind,
when we visited our “blue ball”. Skeptics on the World Wide Web,
of course, only chuckles at such bold theories,
arguing that virtual archaeologists take fancy for a knife
a cluster of Martian stones that doesn’t even have metal
parts. However, this is not the only “Martian discovery”
virtual archaeologists, they constantly find something on Mars, on
The moon, on satellites of other planets, even on the sun, however this is still
not a jot brings us closer to the solution of what we are in
infinite space of the universe. Apparently just not yet time
since one of the Christian tenets “seek and find”
implies just such a tireless perseverance in comprehension
the truths …

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