Vladimir Putin looks into the future: definedpriority areas in science

Remember the satirical song of Vladimir Vysotsky with the words “but
we make rockets … and even in the field of ballet we are ahead of the rest. ”
So, one of the main policies of President Vladimir
Putin’s was and is to make Russia the most advanced country in
the world ahead of the rest. And not only in the region
weapons, as almost all independent analysts are talking about now,
but in other most important areas of the economy, the development of advanced
technology, culture, etc.

That is why President Putin is increasingly visiting science centers.
Russia, where it sets the main task for scientists –
concentrate on the most promising areas of development
sciences, for example, in the field of genetics, robotics, development
artificial intelligence, medicine, etc.
raised, for example, on the advice of scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

But setting tasks is one thing, the president believes, the main thing is
that today you need to pay attention to the Russian government
Federation, is the promotion of such cutting-edge research,
a significant increase in the financing of science, the creation of new
research centers in the country and so on and so forth. In this way,
Vladimir Putin has designated for officials of all levels main
priorities in their work at the near and even quite remote

We cannot predict the future with every step
President says, however we must anticipate major trends
development of society and, if possible, do everything we can,
for Russia to be the most advanced country in all sectors
national economy, including in science and in the implementation of
the most advanced technology. All this should not only strengthen
the country, to raise its prestige in the world, first of all – to make
every person living in Russia is happy. For example,
artificial intelligence, its further development and
perfection is not an end in itself, but an opportunity to remove
man from hard physical labor, give him more
time for creativity and outdoor activities, improve the standard of living
each Russian, and on the basis of this – to increase the duration
life, and not just what-kaby, but the most light and spiritual:
healthy, interesting and multifaceted …

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