Volcanic smoke strikingly tookkind of heroes of an ancient legend

In the Philippines, woke up 2462-meter volcano Mayon. Mountain
spewing lava, ash, smoke and toxic gases, forcing the aborigines
emergency evacuate. According to the latest data, over 40 thousand
Luzon residents left their homes to avoid being in
radius of 7 kilometers from the volcano. Over the past 400 years mayon
erupted 51 times. In 1814, the most tragic happened
eruption of all known. As a result, more than 1200 died
man, while the whole city was buried under a layer of lava. Now
tourists tend to get closer to the mountain, but the authorities stop

Despite the impending disaster, Filipinos unexpectedly
looked at something amazing and even beautiful in dark clouds
thrown out of the volcano ash. At a certain point volcanic
puffs of smoke suddenly took the form of two people who concluded a friend
friend in the arms and looking each other in the face. Huge figure
on the left it looked like a man, and on the right it looked like a woman. Local
photographer Jun Santiago and a few others managed to capture
an incredible sight in the picture before the smoky image disappeared.
The emergence of such a paradolic illusion, as skeptics call it,
surprising in itself, but the incident, as it turned out, is
even more interesting and mysterious than one could imagine
at first.

The fact is that among the islanders is widely known ancient legend
about a girl named Magayon, which translates into Russian as
�”Beautiful.” Beauty fell in love with a young warrior and ran away with him
from forced marriage. Father, groom and tribesmen Magayon
chased the fugitives on horseback and mortally wounded lover
our heroine. Not wanting to live without her chosen one, girl
stabbed myself in front of my father and the failed spouse.
The deceased were buried in different places, even after death by forbidding them
be together. However, a mountain soon began to grow here, which
over time, united the graves of the girl and the warrior. Locals
they called her Mayon in honor of the unfortunate who lost her beloved
a man much faster than she found.

Maybe it was an important sign for the Filipinos in the ashes
volcano? Or is it a bizarre paradolic illusion,
surprising coincidence with the way of
old legends? If we accept the axiom that in this world nothing
There is no random, including not random and any
paradolic “illusion” then this smoky volcanic sign
may well have some deeper meaning than just
fleeting vision …

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