Walking in Oregon the Yeti got onvideo

On the popular YouTube channel “Disclose Screen” dedicated to
various anomalies and supernatural phenomena appeared
загадочная videoзапись с изображением предполагаемого снежного
person Presented below the video enthusiasts sent the other day
resident of central oregon.

Colin Haggerty and a group of his friends noticed the evening in the field
an anthropomorphic figure resembling a high upright primate
with thick dark hair. Haggerty instantly took out his smartphone
and began to shoot a stranger on camera. Of course, those present
immediately came to the unanimous opinion that they witnessed the appearance
настоящего бигфута (включите таинственное video, чтобы увидеть
possible cryptide with my own eyes).

According to the authors of the “Disclose Screen”, this material is quite
surprised and impressed them, but not by what he demonstrates
some strange creature. Despite the fact that in these frames you can
clearly consider the outlines of the bizarre creation and even
reddish fur on his body, the quality of the recording is still
relatively low, which is even alarming in our time
high-end digital technology. But what is really impressive,
so this is an extremely plausible reaction of eyewitnesses to
what was happening.

At a certain moment, Americans call out to a stranger, and
unexpectedly heading straight for them. Girls start
heart-rending squeal and seem to run away. To stage a similar
the fright is decidedly impossible, experts say, if before us,
Of course, not professional actors and actresses. But professionals
do not do this kind of stupidity with your hand, like creating fakes,
more that such a record is unlikely to bring at least some
dividends …

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