Walking starfish starredon video

Many believe that starfish are invertebrates.
such as echinoderms – they do not know how to move by land at all (and even in
water, they are sedentary), but this is a big mistake.

In fact, the starfish, which, say, made the surf
ashore, can slowly but surely crawl back into the water. And such
a rare phenomenon recently managed to observe the american zebu hallock on
one of the beaches of north carolina.

Although many people have seen starfish on
coast, contemplate the asteria, which is actively sorting
ambulacral legs, to return to their element, can
not all live. Well, that the witness thought to seal this
удивительную ходьбу морского животного on video. And although
the video below does not show the return of the star to the ocean,
Hallock assures that he took the amazing
walker, because he felt sorry for the star, especially since its strength
Will to go home admired and deserved such an award.

The author of the video writes:

It was an early evening, probably around 6 o’clock. It was low tide. we
noticed that near the water lay a lot of sea stars. They
were on the sand or in puddles. Then I suddenly noticed that
one star moves slowly to crawl back into the water.
Other people on the beach also saw this very much. In the end
they helped us move all the stars into the sea. It was for real
interesting and unforgettable experience.

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