Want to be forever young – come onChinese pensioner

Young, this pensioner, of course, only looks outwardly, but on
in fact, he is already 65 years old. Here you can only give it on the strength of 35
years, or even less – in appearance a young guy, and nothing more.

Chinese pensioner from the city of Chongqing surprised by their appearance
all Internet users surprised so much that many
did not believe it. However, reporters who “found” this
the only one and interviewed him (see video), assure that
it is: the “grandfather” is already 65 years old, but he does not even think of growing old.

Maintains its youth and excellent health Chinese
thanks to proper (live) nutrition and special training with
using an ordinary bicycle. Retired Celestial developed special
exercises, some of which can be seen on video,
due to which it maintains excellent physical shape. Chinese man also
stresses that the main factor in his cycling workouts
is heat. That is, the hotter the street at this time – the better.
Due to excessive sweating, the body is perfectly cleansed from
any dirt, including energy.

True, the spiritual component of such a lifestyle
correspondents were not allowed to ask a youthful pensioner, but
for nothing: many users of the World Wide Web were interested in
this, since pure physical training and even healthy eating,
as the experience of the same raw foodists proves, not only do not contribute
longevity and the preservation of youth, and often lead to the opposite

It turns out that we see a unique young pensioner in China,
but we practically cannot know how he achieved it (all that he
shows – only one side of the coin). Just beautiful
heredity, say many netizens, excellent genome
multiplied by a healthy lifestyle. Or maybe it’s just a man
future, others are wondering. Or even an alien, do
already a purely fantastic assumption third.

And what, the alien is not an alien, but something fantastic in everything
it is: well, can not 65-year-old man so young
to look like!..

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