War with aliens is cominginevitable?

Война с инопланетянами

What is war with aliens? The next name itself
popular movie masterpiece? Or maybe a game for children? No that’s
the reality of every inhabitant of Earth who will come very soon is not
will have time to look back. Of course, this news may seem to many
nothing more than fiction or fantastical half-wit
ufologists However, this is not at all the case, because the aliens are not
just come to Earth, and it is not by chance that they take people to
yourself on the ships. Why do they need it? Why do they build their bases by
the whole world? Nothing to guess – the aliens destroyed their planet and
now fly to us, pick up our house. Therefore, instead of
watch funny sci-fi movies about how aliens
enslave people, better think about how we will
fight, because we know them a little, and they studied us very much

Evil aliens are sitting in every second earthling

Two skeletons were found in the mine shaft. Because of
analysis, it was found that the age of the bones of a woman
and her baby is more than 900 years old. Famous writer and
scientist Lloyd Pye believes that this finding is confirmation
an ancient legend that says that over the locals
put their terrible experiments evil aliens. According to the legend,
aliens were constantly in touch with local women.
Poor children had to produce hybrid children whom
over time, their stellar fathers took them away. In our case, the mother
decided on a desperate act. Knowing that the child will be taken away from her,
the poor thing killed the child, and then laid hands on herself. According to
ufologist John Pope, now about 50% of the population of planet Earth –
these are hybrids, descendants of humans and aliens. Most ufologists
believes that the course of human evolution from ancient times is under control

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