Watch a unique video: rag dollspontaneously moves

Perhaps the video below is not worth watching.
impressionable people, because, according to experts, no one
never seen before so high quality and believable
video, depicting, apparently, a living doll.

Rag toy starts to move spontaneously after
marks 2:35. The sinister doll moves his hand and turns slightly
to the side. Any line or thread in the frame is not visible, while
It should be noted that the recording is of very high quality, and
such tricks would not escape the eyes of attentive viewers, not
To mention the experts who are able to find a thread even where it is
not. But what is this mysterious thing, and where is it located? What is
The background of this terrible observation?

Seller in one of the Scottish charity stores
says he recorded this video a few days ago.
Recently, a couple of boxes with old toys were transferred here, and in one
of them was this doll. Having laid out the received things on the shelves, our
the hero went away to another room, and when he returned, he noticed
that the doll is sitting on the floor. Of course, at first the British thought
that the toy just fell down and put it on the shelf back.

However, the seller stylus to leave the premises, restless
the subject was again on the floor, and so it went on several times.
At the same time a frightened and intrigued eyewitness laid near
doll your smartphone and went out again. The gadget safely captured
as the toy moves by itself and then the phone suddenly

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