Water monster hit video in Mongolia

Did your Loch Ness Monster appear in Mongolia? Local
by the name of Sodnomdorzh walked near Lake Uureg and suddenly noticed on
the surface of the reservoir is an ominous dark figure about 250 meters from
coast. Surprised man hurried to get a mobile and capture
its amazing find on the video.

Including the following entry, you can see
an elongated dark object, leisurely floating at dusk on the lake.
Skeptics, of course, immediately declare that it is, say, a log or
a lot of rubbish, but the author of the video does not believe in such theories. By his
words, it is a living creature of impressive size.

First, says Sodnomdorj, I saw it with my own eyes, and the eye
man easily distinguishes the living from the dead. Secondly, at that moment
I felt this beast with every cell of my body,
since we were right in contact with him at the level of energy or
what else is there, but I was well aware that it was far from

The length of the lake monster, according to Sodnomdorj’s calculations,
is 7-8 meters. When the mysterious video was in the World
web and attracted the attention of many users of the Network, the Mongols
remembered the medieval legend of a giant creature in the lake

Locals call it the Blue Bull. According to legend,
this cryptide appears on the surface of the reservoir every 60 years and
makes sounds that look like a bull mooing. Then the monster again
disappears in depth for six decades. Some parents even
scare the blue bull naughty children, claiming to give them to
case of defiance to be devoured by a huge water monster.

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