We are not the first civilization on Earth – and, it is necessarybelieve not the last

This conclusion can be easily reached if you turn to
called “uncomfortable artifacts”. They are inconvenient only
for our orthodox science, which by no means wants
recognize that on Earth before ours existed at least more
several civilizations (Lemuria, Atlantis, Hyperborea), though
perhaps there were a lot more, say, dozens or even hundreds.

Let’s start with the most distant point on the Earth’s timeline
of being. In South Africa, there is a rock near the town of Klerksdorp, in which they found
before and they still find amazing corrugated balls
disc-shaped and spherical objects, all-metal or hollow,
with white splashes or with a light spongy “sealed” inside
material. The age of these artifacts is at least 3 billion years.
Who made them and for what purposes, we will never understand,
more than that, apparently, only that remained from that civilization …

Fast forward to billions of years ahead, because
you see, there are almost no traces of that long time ago. In the first
half of the nineteenth century in the Dorchester district of the us state
Massachusetts in the explosive development of Precambrian rock
ages (more than half a billion years) two fragments were discovered (as
then it turned out) metal vase, made of zinc
alloy with a large proportion of silver. And this vase was decorated
decorative elements in the form of flowers and grapevines,
inlaid with silver. Moreover, the quality of performance speaks of
the highest skill of the manufacturer of this vessel – the representative
civilization, which separates from humanity 500 million years.
That is what the Scientific American report was about in June.
1841, but for some reason it never became a turning point in
revising the history of the earth.

Go ahead. Among the “uncomfortable artifacts” two stand out
shoe imprint: one – shoes discovered by the trilobite collector
By William Meister in the shales of the US state of Utah
(age 500-600 million years), the second – fashionable sandals,
found by geologist John Reid during a fossil exploration in
the state of Nevada (age 250-600 million years).

And how do you like the find in the Partisan region of Primorye?
a small product made of crystalline grains
moissanite, cemented by the same moissanite mass. Today for
obtain crystalline moissanite, no more than a modest size
jewelry, wasting huge energy and a lot of labor
resources, why this material is much more expensive than diamond. To make from
This material, the rarest of all on Earth, is something more – we do not have
just such technology. And hundreds of millions of years ago – someone is easy
did it.

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