We expect the century airships

Some independent researchers believe that the inhabitants of the earth
expects in the future century airships, and Russia will play in this matter
key role.

And really, why at the beginning of the last century, standing in front
the choice of aircraft or airships, mankind chose less
reliable, less economical and less promising way
air travel?

The real advantages of airships

Let’s immediately see what are the advantages of airships over
by airplanes:

  • in comfort, if we talk about passenger flights. Airship
    commensurate with ocean cruise liner, in which the cabin and all
    other facilities could be of an appropriate level, not
    be confined to bus seats like
    today we have on the plane (about VIP-seats and VIP-planes, speech
    We will not lead, this is a completely different conversation). In addition, the airship
    can move several thousand passengers on board
    that you can not say about the plane, even the largest;
  • in carrying capacity, moving through the air large
    the number of people at the same time, cheap freight in general. AT
    the case of the development of airships, which do not need any airfields, their
    low cost of flights, modern car,
    rail and even sea freight could just
    disappear or come down to a minimum. In this case, the goods would be delivered to
    anywhere in the world quickly (express delivery), cheap and without any
    problems – is this not a dream of modern merchants, businessmen and
    even scientists;
  • safe, which we casually mentioned above. With
    modern technologies (not to mention future or missed
    possible if scientists worked to improve
    airships, not aircraft) the reliability and safety of these
    air vehicles are many times higher than those of
  • in economy, which we also mentioned. Airships like
    scientists say that they consume less fuel than
    airplanes, especially if you count it on
  • in the absence of the need to build expensive airfields with their
    huge and literally “golden” runways, which means
    not only cost savings, but also the ability to land the airship
    almost anywhere. It may just hang over the ground – and
    all: unload-load, take-send passengers;
  • at unlimited time in the air and so on.
    It seems that researchers who are seriously studying this
    question, will call with a dozen of the advantages of airships to
    modern means of aeronautics.

Questionable shortcomings of airships

There is an established opinion, which is supported by skeptics, that
airships gave way to aircraft for the simple reason that
they have a lot of flaws. Let’s see if this is true:

  • flight speed too low. However today we can build
    these huge aircraft that are able to climb in
    the stratosphere – 20-30 kilometers, and that’s where they can develop
    speed up to 2 thousand kilometers per hour (this is according to modern estimates,
    not to mention future opportunities). Therefore, to compare airships
    the beginning of the last century, which could not overcome the speed of more than 150
    kilometers per hour, naive and even to some extent criminal;
  • poor maneuverability. Also not true. Today the airship is not
    necessarily build in the form of the old gondola, it can be given
    almost any form – this is facilitated by modern
    materials, and today’s technology, not to mention the future.
    Modern airship with jet (ion) engines will be
    behave in flight and when landing no worse, but many times better
    a modern helicopter plane (we don’t take into account the military
    completely different topic);
  • they will need huge hangars. ATо-первых, доки для
    cruise liners are also considerable – and nothing. ATо-вторых, еще
    it is not known which is cheaper – docks for airships or runways
    for airplanes. AT-третьих, дирижабль почему-то рассматривается до
    so far in piece plan. When there are thousands, tens of thousands, then
    price for the production and maintenance of each such aircraft
    will decrease many times and will cost much less than
    production and maintenance of modern Boeing.

AT конкурентной борьбе сторонники дирижаблей проиграли

Skeptics immediately give an unfavorable example of the collapse of the very
large airship of the first half of the XX century category zeppelin LZ
129 “Hindenburg”, which crashed on May 6, 1937. However until now
remains a mystery, why did the tragedy happen, who was
interested in her and who set it up. Why at that time not only
did not begin to disassemble in detail the causes of the collapse of the Hindenburg in
New Jersey, and a real advertising campaign about
danger and generally worthlessness of airships as such. On them here
same put a fat cross, that is, competitors who stood for
production of aircraft, won this war, and, as always,
it was conducted far from even methods: capitalism is

And what few such examples, when for the sake of gas and oil production
the greatest inventions were destroyed and are still destroyed
alternative sources of energy, and the geniuses-inventors themselves
the best case is silenced (silenced so far) mouth or generous
sop or threats (to whom it acts), in the worst – such
people just disappear from our world – without a trace.

Practically the same thing happened with airships. However time
is changing, today the alignment of forces in the world is being redistributed, and
the world elite is increasingly losing its position. And all this thanks
Russia, which, as all the prophets say, is prepared for the mission
spiritual, and hence the economic revival of our civilization.
Therefore, there is hope that in the future people will give up
expensive, dangerous and completely inefficient aircraft.

And the long-awaited century of airship will come. It is a pity that those
who stood at the origins of this type of aeronautics will never know about
winning their ideas. Or will they find out? For example, if you believe in
reincarnation, it is possible that it is they who will lead this revival,
only on a completely different level – in a completely different world, where
the evil grin of capitalism will no longer scare anyone and nothing
interfere well …

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