Web users amused snapshot�”Alien”

On many foreign sites dedicated to extraterrestrial civilizations,
a remarkable snapshot is currently being distributed, which
can not leave anyone indifferent. Some users
ufological resources are angry and say it’s just dumb
joke. According to others, this is surely a joke,
however very entertaining. Still others suspect that everything can be
not as easy as it seems at first glance.

It is alleged that the photo below was taken in 1982
year by an unknown resident of Idaho. Say, the man was returning
in the evening from work and drove to his own house. Suddenly
an American saw near his home a tall thin creature with
pale skin, a disproportionately large bald head and large
dark eyes. Despite his shock, our hero reached out to
the glove compartment of the car and took out a camera from there. When he brought it on
mysterious humanoid, he abruptly approached (as if he jumped) to
car and looked curiously inside. This moment,
in fact, it was etched on an intriguing frame.

What happened next, history is silent. Perhaps a snapshot
revealed the author himself, who remained safe and sound. Or maybe it’s
have already made representatives of the American special services …

No wonder that many commentators
thought it looked too good to be true.
Surely in front of us is a man in a stranger costume or realistic
doll. But, on the other hand, ufologists have long been saying: even if
one of us and will see near this alien, we are unlikely
believe it, because television, the Internet and stupid science
fiction has long discredited the idea of ​​meeting a person with guests
from another world. Today it’s easier to believe in meeting a demon or
an angel than with an alien, though … some researchers
paranormal claim that it is one and the same …

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