Well-known conspiracy: Vladimir Putin will enterstory telling the world the truth about aliens

It seems that when it comes to Russian ties
with aliens or something supernatural, foreign
specialists “know” about it better than ours. I wonder why
domestic journalists and supporters of conspiracy theories (and we
There are plenty of them too) don’t report about this first?

Anyway, the famous American conspiracy theorist
UFO and UFO research lobbyist Steve Bassett visited
recently Russia, after which he returned home and made a loud there
statement. 71-year-old expert said that Russian President Vladimir
Putin may be the first major statesman who
will go down in history confirming the presence of representatives on Earth
extraterrestrial civilizations. Another branch in a laurel wreath to Vladimir
Vladimirovich from foreign fans?

Steve stayed in Moscow for a week and talked closely with the Russian
journalists interested in all unknown. Now he
calls on the Kremlin to tell the public about aliens.
The Bassett-based organization Paradigm Research Group allegedly
has extensive information that world governments
hide the truth about the “green men” who have long been among
us. Ufologists reasonably believe that if governments reveal this
information themselves, it will not produce any panic, perhaps even
will not be taken seriously, so there is absolutely nothing to fear.
When Donald Trump took the chair of the head of the United States instead of the many
Hillary Clinton, who promised the truth about aliens, experts immediately
understood that from him similar honesty, too, you will not wait, as well as from
that sly lady and turned their attention to the Russian
the president. Ufologists ask Vladimir Vladimirovich to take it off
called the “embargo on the truth.”

Steve Bassett reports:

Since the Cold War, much has changed in Russia, but
Russian left a valuable legacy that they could share
with the whole world. This is secret information about aliens and
unidentified flying objects seen in the USSR and then in
Russia. It is foolish to believe that only we, the Americans, all this time
studied guests from other planets. Soviet and Russian military,
intelligence officers and scientists also worked hard and to this day
so far engaged in similar. This is a great opportunity for Russia.
become the first country in the history that will cease to keep
humanity in the dark about the main thing. If i were given just a couple
minutes to talk with Vladimir Putin, I would ask him only one
question: why don’t you tell the world the whole truth about those
flies to us from space?

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