West alarmed: Russia has the latestcyber gun on GPS disorientation?

German journalist Adrian Lobe published the other day in Der
Standard warning alert for all western countries, in
which reports that Russia has the means capable
locally distort the global GPS navigation system.

The most striking example of the use of such ultra-modern weapons,
writes journalist, became the June incident in the Black Sea, when
American ships near the Russian border suddenly
found that the GPS readings on their devices do not match
real state of affairs. So, one of the ships, judging by the data
GPS-navigators, was not at sea, but somewhere in the Russian
the cities of Gelendzhik, and other ships suddenly “found themselves on land”,
that simply could not be.

However, checking the instruments showed that they are working normally,
it turns out that the failure occurred not on the ships, but outside them, that is
someone or something distorted the signals themselves, coming from cosmic

German journalist recalled that this is not the first time.
oddities in the work of GPS, which can be associated with Russia, so, in
Last year, Moscow’s motorists, being close to the Kremlin,
suddenly found that they can not get the coordinates of the system
navigation. Then the Russian expert in the IT-sphere Grigory Bakunov
suggested that the Kremlin itself installed a jammer for
GPS signal. And what if at the time it was only the first test
A new cyber weapon, and in June of this year on American
ships have already applied a more global impact of the new device,
able to distort GPS data?

Thanks to this, Russia can interfere with all
drones, aircraft and ships of the enemy, to manipulate to
the same high-frequency trading on the futures exchange and so on,
that is, to disorganize the work of any systems that use
GPS positioning.

The article by Adrian Lobe was rather like a cry for help, because
serious evidence that Russia has applied such
super-modern weapons, especially – Germans possess them
journalist did not lead …

To clarify, the suspicion that Russia has cyber weapons,
able to distort the GPS-data, has arisen now and the leadership of the Navy
United States, all of whose compounds took an operational pause of 48 hours per
due to the fact that their two destroyers in recent days have made
collisions with a tanker and a merchant ship, which is simply unthinkable
in terms of common sense …

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