Western media: Aliens helpRussian

Editor of Nexus Magazine – the famous Australian
publications of “alternative news” Duncan Rhodes spoke with
sensational statement that aliens help Moscow and Beijing,
thanks to which Russia and China easily gain superiority over
West in almost all areas of life.

This point of view is supported by the journalist of the British newspaper.
Express John Austin, who unequivocally stated that Russia and
China uses the most advanced technologies and supplies them
These powers are none other than aliens.

Duncan Rhodes also supports the theory of supporters of the world
conspiracy that aliens are not only many
millennia live among us, but also created our civilization. More
Moreover, they constantly monitor its development, trying, really,
intervene in the course of world events only as a last resort. but
Today, they are vigorously helping the Kremlin to establish the rule of Russia in
world, because the very fact of further
the existence of earthly civilization.

According to Duncan Rhodes, another will soon be established on Earth.
a world order, a brighter and more spiritual society, and in this we
help aliens who are not by chance today sided
Russians …

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