Western media suddenly remembered Vanga’s predictionsAbout Russia

It is noteworthy that at the moment, when exacerbated
relations between Russia and the UK, namely the British
The Daily Post news agency introduced its
читателей с Вангой и ее пророчествами About Russia – стране, которая
will soon become a superpower, with the only superpower in
world, and her glory will be the glory of the great ruler and warrior

After Vladimir Putin won a stunning victory on
past elections and re-elected president of Russia, these words as
It can not be relevant, not only for the Russians, but also for the West.
Since there they can’t understand that without Russia, the world is just
погибнет, что именнAbout Russia предначертана свыше роль спасителя
modern civilization, and therefore everyone who opposes this,
prepared a pitiful fate. Prepared not by Russia, but by the Highest
by forces.

It would not hurt the West to get acquainted with the prophecies.
holy fool Basil the Blessed, who lived under Ivan the Terrible, the
there are half a thousand years ago, however the future that unfolded
in front of his inner eye, he saw well down to the present day.
This is Basil the Blessed said that Ivan the Terrible, in spite of
that the real bloodsucker will be honored in Russia, that will come more
one such king who will build an empire, although he himself will
great blasphemer.

The holy fool also spoke of the royal throne falling in Russia and
for the whole century bloodshed and unrest will reign (1917 – 2017
years approx. author) until the Great Warrior comes to power (the Great
Horseman), which will save the state from robbers and thieves, yes
they will kill him — and there will be great lamentation over the whole country. but
then the Great Sovereign reigns on the Russian throne, and here he is
will lead Russia into the golden age. And Russia will be the greatest spiritual
power in a world before which everyone else will bow
of the state.

The interpreters of the prophecies of St. Basil the Blessed still argue over who
such Vladimir Putin in the vision of a fool – the Great Warrior,
which will be replaced by the Great Rider, or the Great Rider himself. But not
the essence of it. As practice shows, the true prophets, to whom
can be attributed to Wangu and St. Basil, may be mistaken in
details, but in the main they are not mistaken. And it means to be Russia
the greatest power, and prevent in this case the divine
hardly anyone will be able to hunt, in spite of all the evil attempts,
intrigue and huge money that is invested today in the undermining
of the Russian state …

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