Western scientists argue that the flood in Houstonwas called by Russia

The devastating hurricane “Harvey” that hit South America,
turned houston into one big lake. This is a natural disaster.
was the largest in the history of the fourth largest city in the United States.
There are casualties, and after the gathering of water is expected
increase their number. In Houston, looting began, and
local authorities were forced to set a curfew in the city
in order to prevent robberies in evacuated homes.

It would seem that the blame is merciless nature, but there was also
another opinion. Famous climatologist Gabriel Connors of
University of Pennsylvania made an unexpected announcement that
unprecedentedly large-scale and devastating disaster in texas was
caused by the use of climate against the United States
weapons. The words of her colleague immediately supported by Jennifer McCloskey.
from the British Royal Weather Research Center

Connors claims scheduled for September
Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises “West-2017” can be
somehow related to what is happening now in the States. To someone
seems absurd, but an American scientist reports that
the newest Russian combat complex “Flood”, which will be
used in these exercises, got its name, say, not
just. The eminent climatologist is convinced that the Russian military has
meteorological weapons of mass destruction capable of arranging
similar (and even more serious) natural disasters at any point
the planets.

The development of this weapon, according to the American, began back in
1987, however, in the 90s it was suspended due to the collapse
Soviet Union. However, now that Russia has renewed its
former power and began to increase the military potential in the background
deteriorated relations with America, Russian craftsmen supposedly brought
conceived to the end. However, deliberately Russia caused the flood
in Texas or not, a scientist cannot say with accuracy. Maybe,
This was done to demonstrate to the US its strength, but not
it is possible that there was just some kind of problem

Further, the specialist sprinkled in his speech a variety of scientific
terms: “directed by vacuum-vortex microprobe”,
�“Modulated theta radiation”, “event horizon” and so on.
Connors is sincerely convinced that the advanced Russian climate
weapons are capable of violating the known laws of physics, affecting
space-time continuum and black holes.

It seems the smell of new sanctions, users Runet joke,
familiar with the words of the scientist. For the West, the main thing today is
hang on to Russia all possible dogs …

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