What a blessing to win a multi-million dollar jackpot!What a misfortune …

Journalists analyzed the fortunes of the lucky ones who
recent years have won solid kushi, tearing in one way or another
lottery jackpots, and concluded that their lives, thanks to
big money that suddenly fell on his head, really
has changed dramatically, that’s just not for the better …

Winning a lot of money in the lottery is simply life threatening.

Big money received in the form of a treacherous gift of fate, and not
through great moral and physical effort, for example, creating
engaging in a dangerous but profitable business, earning
fee of some kind of creativity and so on, as it turned out,
yet no “lucky” brought the expected happiness.

For example, the 42-year-old resident of Thailand, Jiravut Pongfan at the end
last year won a little more than a million dollars (76 million
on Russian money). During the holiday party on this
the occasion to which the seemingly closest ones were invited
relatives and friends, someone stole the lucky ticket from the Thai. AT
the result of this is the man who considered himself to be completely
happy family man, January 31 committed suicide.

ATлюбленная пара из канадского города Чатем Дениз Робертсон и
Maurice Thibault prayed to God for a win that would allow them to create
an ideal family living in a paradise of our planet.
It would seem that God heard their prayers, in September last year they
managed to hit the $ 6 million jackpot. After that Maurice
Tibo secretly quit his job, collected his capitals and … disappeared from
The life of Denise Robertson, having received his half win. And sort of
the deadly tragedy in this case did not happen, but the woman
still can not recover from such a blow. And this is just the beginning
as they say esoteric, this pair is likely to be waiting for more shocks
and unhappiness …

Journalists give not only the latest examples. As shown
dozens of older similar stories, “darling of fate”, to whom
I was lucky to break a solid jackpot in the lottery, were immediately exposed
huge pressure from many who want to share with them this
joy, that simply could not withstand this torture. And some
�”Lucky ones” were soon found dead, for example, such
happened to the winner of the lottery in 2009, winning 30 million
dollars. Similar misfortunes occurred in Illinois (jackpot at 20
million dollars), in Georgia (5 million dollars) in 2007
– lottery winners were killed because of this easy money.

ATот почему победительница седьмого по размеру джекпота в истории
USA (560 million dollars), a resident of the state of New Hampshire Jane
Dow (the name coined by herself for the press) immediately filed a lawsuit in court
that her real name and place of residence are not required
disclosed – nowhere. ATот почему россиянке, пенсионерке Наталье
ATласовой, совсем недавно выигравшей полмиллиарда рублей в «Русское
lotto “, I had to urgently run away from my native village and hide
no one knows where …

ATыиграть большие деньги в лотерею — все одно, что развалить
your fate

Russian parapsychologist, psychic and writer, author of such
famous book series like “Diagnosis of Karma” and “Man
of the future ”, Sergey Lazarev wrote 20 years ago that money is
the same energy, and a million dollars – its huge charge, take
which can only ready for this soul. Therefore, the naive
a person who dreams of receiving this million in the form of a gift,
for example, winning it in a lottery or inheriting it from the “American
uncles. ATместо ожидаемого счастья, такая мощная энергия просто
ruin the fate of a man, at best bringing him to
premature death, at worst – turning his further life into
real hell.

The statements of Sergey Nikolaevich turned out to be one hundred percent true.
percent, and journalists who wanted to know the fate of such
�“Lucky millionaires”, made sure of this. Certainly from
of any rule there are exceptions, and, for sure, some of the
джекпот, не пришлось ломать your fate, спасаться от бандитов и
intrusive relatives. However, such luck is also not accidental
for example, not only Lazarev, but other psychics assert,
that suddenly fallen wealth does not bring misfortune only to
who is ready for it (by the way let’s say, only millionaires become
those who are willing to accept that kind of money, which is why in various “schools
successful people “first of all they teach people to change themselves spiritually,
learn to accept money-energy, otherwise they simply will not get).

ATо всех других случаях, купив лотерейный билет (по глупости,
of course) and not winning anything at him, rejoice, because more
It is not known whether your soul is ready to accept such a kusha of energy. Not
accidentally british who won the EuroMillions lottery a million pounds
Sterling in 2013, still dreams of only one thing – submit to
the court of the organizers of this lottery, which almost destroyed it
happy life …

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