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Начнем с the prophecies уже известной пользователям нашего ресурса
the seer and psychic Fatima Hadueva, who, still giving a forecast
for the current year, said the main thing that the Russians have nothing to fear:
firstly, there will be no third world war, and secondly, Russia is waiting for
stabilization, both economically and politically

Well, Russians can make sure the predictions are true
Fatima Hadueva. And, of course, I would like to hear from her lips, but
What awaits us next? Here is what the psychic sees in 2018:

In 2018, Russia will enter the bright band of its
development, when its citizens already feel that all the troubles and
sorrows gradually fade away. And although the first half of the year will be
quite complex, but the second will show the first growth of formation
the great and powerful Power of the Rus, which by 2025 will be
economic, political and, most importantly, the spiritual center
of the world.

We invite you to also meet a little, but very
an interesting documentary about russian general valentine
Moshkov, who lived in the late nineteenth century, was illustrious
military, but even more – a great ethnographer and visionary.

Contemporaries, as they say, “discovered” this Russian genius
only sixty years after his death, opened and marveled
monographs and other works of the military scientist in which he
practically gives an accurate forecast for the future. Moshkov foresaw
the revolution of 1917, the collapse of the Russian Empire at the end of the twentieth
century, and relied in their predictions not on some visions, dreams
and prophetic insights. He developed his mathematical model.
developmental history, which turned out to be amazingly accurate in terms of
application of it to the future.

So, Valentin Moshkov, whom the researchers called
Russian Nostradamus wrote that starting in 2013, Russia will begin
to form as the center of human civilization. Start twenty
first century he saw the period of disintegration of all dark forces in the world and
gradual formation of the Golden Age. Great Russia will rise
at the head of this process, wrote Moshkov, taking on the role of spiritual

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