What could be the eyes of an alien?

глаза инопланетянина

The eyes of an alien depend on his race. So, most often
the gray humanoids visiting Earth have characteristic huge and
deep-set impenetrable black eyes of almond-shaped,
without proteins. Cold black slanting eyes are typical.
a sign of another alien race – the so-called ancient.

But the eyes of other alien aliens are almost indistinguishable.
from human. In particular, the Nordic aliens, sometimes
also called the Scandinavians, – the owners of the most ordinary
gray or blue eyes. However, sometimes such eyes can glow
in the dark dim light.

Finally, those witnesses who happened to meet
Chupacabra, they say that this creature has oval eyes with
pointed edges, with a red iris that complements the sinister appearance
of this unexplored night predator.

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