What could be the fifth generation fighterUSA, but for some reason did not

Modern American fighter-bomber fifth
generation of the F-35, developed by Lockheed Martin, was
designed on the basis of the Soviet “Yak-141” that did not even hide
by the developers.

But few know that other American airline Boeing in
the same time developed its fighter – F-32. That’s about it
says United States Air Force specialist Tyler Rogovie in
his article published the other day in The Drive.

The project at that time was tentatively called the X-32, the aircraft itself
generally similar to the F-35, but it did have a number of differences, for example, its shape
was more streamlined, the wings were like a screen design and
etc. But that’s not the point, today many US military
claim that the F-32 project was more promising, and thanks to
to him the United States Air Force today would have two first-class
the aircraft.

In fact, the Americans got the F-35, which, like
It turned out to be characterized by many flaws and is considered little
an effective fighter, why partners don’t want to buy it
USA. Why was the F-35 preferred in the 90s?
It is believed that the reason for this was precisely the achievements of the Russian
aircraft manufacturers that were highly valued in the world and on which,
actually, this fighter-bomber was based. but
why the “pancake”, ultimately, turned out to be “lumpy”, no one today
plainly can not (apparently in this case, which is good
Russian – death to an American). Or does not want …

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