What determines health and longevityhuman

We have been taught since childhood that health depends on mobility,
sports, from proper nutrition and behavior, eliminating harmful
habits, recently added to this concern for clean water and
clean air.

But people, oddly enough, do not fit under a common comb,
for example, not all for the benefit of vegetarianism and even more so
raw foods The exclusion of alcohol or smoke, again, not always
одаривает human крепким здоровьем и долголетием, а болезни, даже
the most contagious, for some reason bypass far from those who
He cares about his body, rather, on the contrary.

We have already written many times that there are people in the world who eat,
for example, one sand – and at the same time they feel great, and
live for a long time, regardless of any damaged ecology, for example,
in the same india.

There are some unique people who never drink water, but only
let’s say vinegar – and again, they feel great. But
Briton Jackie Page of Surrey from 1954, when she
turned 13 years old, drinks only Pepsi (and for a long time
certainly 4 cans per day). Despite all warnings
врачей, что это один из самых вредных для здоровья human
a drink, Paige at 77 years old feels great, she also
slender, like a girl, easy-going, besides has four
healthy children and eleven grandchildren.

No, of course, her children do not differ in such a predilection for
�”Pepsi”, but they fully understand the uniqueness in this regard
mom-grandmothers, and therefore do not even try (and never tried)
dissuade (save) Jackie from this supposedly vicious use
carbonated drink instead of water.

Scientists cannot explain such phenomena, as well as why
one person lives up to one hundred years without even caring about his health, but
the other puts all his strength and means on it and, despite such
attempts, dying, as people say, prematurely or even in
his prime. You can, of course, recall the heredity,
talk about good or bad genes, but all these explanations are like
far-fetched: they are half-hearted and give little to humanity in
terms of the desire to live long and without disease.

Moreover, the presence of sorcerers and healers who can
accuracy to the day to predict the death of any person in general
crosses out the whole scientific concept of a healthy lifestyle,
especially under the auspices of modern medicine, which, along with
pharmaceutical industry global deception not only treats
how much poison and cripples their patients. However, in this case
жизнь каждого human, словно отмеренная кем-то свыше, уникальна,
therefore, the life process of this or that individual
prevent, or drastically help (most often) no one and nothing (in that
number and medicine) can not …

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