What do aliens say or languagealien

Говорят инопланетяне, разговор

It is even scary to think about the fact that once people will be closely
be friends with aliens. It seems unthinkable, somehow
unrealistic fiction, something fantastic and transcendental.
However, according to ufologists, very soon the aliens will come out with
us on the link, and talk. What will this conversation be like? What he
will bring? Will he be peaceful, or vice versa, silent
aliens reveal their evil nature? All these questions
the answer is unknown, however it makes sense to hope that something is said
aliens through a dream, in our night visits, so they will
to talk with us and when they are not afraid to fly already in their
physical and not astral shell. And since now we are not
we can learn the alien language, then we will not be ready to talk.
But there is hope that the aliens during their visits managed
get acquainted with our dialect, and be able to say that they
came to us in peace.

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