What do the winners of the “Battle of psychics” say aboutthe future of our world

To listen or not to what the winners say about the future
�“Battle of psychics”, a personal matter of each. Judge how
exactly they predict upcoming events, we can only through
many years when we forget these predictions, and
predictors, obviously, too. After all, it’s still not oracles
world scale, such as Nostradamus or Wang, although here, not all

For example, it is believed that the Bulgarian blind seer is often
used for political purposes and practically spoke for her
(according to her words, allegedly) various assistants assigned to Vangelina
by the authorities. Believe here …

Now about the medieval oracle. In one of his books the writer and
tireless explorer of the history of Great Russia George Sidorov
describes his meeting and the Siberian shamans who opened him
eyes on many things, including the future of the world. Responding to
a replica of the scientist about Nostradamus, the sorcerers explained that, they say, yes, he lived
such a Jew in the Middle Ages, however he never wrote anything and
did not predict, but the so-called quatrains of this “oracle” are composed
much later and it is not known by whom, as invented (for the same purpose)
and the whole history of Russia, Europe, and the world as a whole.

All this, too, can be believed or not believed. And what can you do
believe in this life? And yet let’s hear what they say
our sorceresses – at least out of pure human curiosity.

Witch Elena Golunova: the Baltic countries will soon disappear
forever and ever

Why is the finalist of the “Battle of psychics” Golunova so
interested in the Baltic States, it is not clear, but apparently, the witch had
visions for this particular region, which is why it is now shared
their prophecies about countries whose leadership is strenuously
pushes his people practically into the abyss.

Approximately to this they will come, says the Siberian
witch. In her opinion, the Baltic countries will not last long.
As soon as Western Europe is fully humanized due to
the influx of migrants, the Baltic States will begin to rush in search of new
protégé to exit from the difficult economic and political

This will take advantage of the United States, which here and organize their color
revolution, bringing pro-American henchmen to power
government, and later on turning Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
to another state of America. True, the Balts won’t even
have the right to move to live in the US
closed reservation that the US will begin to use as a trash can
for nuclear waste and a testing ground of all kinds
modern weapons (obviously, to intimidate Russia).

For this reason, the indigenous population of the current Baltic countries
will become extinct within fifty years.

Witch Victoria Rydos: Japan will avenge the United States for Hiroshima and

Another winner of the “Battle of psychics” hereditary
the sorceress Victoria Rydos claims that she had a vision in which
the ghosts of those killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima told her
that Japan will avenge America for that cruel and unjustified
nuclear strike on civilians.

Soon the Land of the Rising Sun will enter with the USA into a serious
a conflict that will ultimately lead to the fact that Washington
will receive the same nuclear strike, as once it was experienced by itself
innocent japanese cities.

The witch does not specify how Japan will inflict it, whose
hands, but it will certainly be, says Victoria Rydos. And this
will be the beginning of the collapse of the United States as a world power.

The world community, continues Victoria Rydos, will formally condemn
Japan for this, in fact, the whole world will breathe with relief – with
From this moment on, the myth of US hegemony will in fact be destroyed.


Interesting prophecies, is not it? At least in terms of
understanding that for everything and literally everyone in this world will have to pay
– the law of karma has not yet been canceled, but ignorance of the laws of the universe,
as they say, no excuse. That’s just
it is surprising that one prediction somewhat contradicts another:
if the US loses its hegemony in the world, then why the hell will they climb into
The Baltic states, I think, they have enough problems in America itself, they,
these problems are already apparent. And if you still subjugate
Baltic countries, then talk about the loss of the United States world gendarme
essence and relevant policy is too early …

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