What interested or alarmed aliens inMexico

When broadcasting a television report from the hottest areas
mexican earthquake in particular when showing
the ruined city of Puebla, hundreds of thousands of TV viewers saw
on the screens of their receivers an unidentified flying object (see
video). What is it that attracted aliens?

Some UFO researchers suggest that aliens
never fly without any goal, say, because of the simple
curiosity, impassively watching the events taking place.
Something seriously interested or even alerted them
Mexico …

It is possible that some ufologists suggest that today’s
The Mexican earthquake is only a precursor to more formidable
events, for example, mega earthquake. And fears that it is quite
can happen now. For example, in Mexico City
(see video below) asphalt pavements swell and “breathe”
volcanic gases that leads the inhabitants of this metropolis to
real horror.

After all, similar people have already seen in 1976 – just before
Great Tangshan earthquake, as a result of which then
killed 255 thousand people, not counting the missing, wounded
and destitute.

It was at that time that Chinese newspapers wrote that the roads were cracking.
and “breathed”, and the wells raged, as if water boiled in them. And soon
– near the settlement of Tangshan, a grandiose
seismic shock, unknown until then in China.

By the way, we note that after the powerful earthquake that occurred in
Mexico City, according to experts of the APL Engineering Association
Ingenieros Consultores, three thousand buildings are about to collapse,
turned into debris. As they say, where even more? If here
mega earthquake happens, the capital of Mexico can
just become ruins, and the current number of victims is somewhat
hundreds – increase many times …

As for UFOs, skeptics have suggested that over Mexico
just fly drones, for example, removing from above the destruction and
appeared new faults, for example, for the same television or for
any video channel the Internet. It is possible that
the video below is filmed using a similar
drone, which, it is possible, someone also took for a UFO.

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