What is the speed of death and why do people most oftendie early in the morning

American scientists at Stanford University were able to measure
the speed of death of a person who, as it turned out, is equal to 30
micrometers per second. Is it a lot or a little? For the average person
This indicator does not mean anything, but researchers have determined
what exactly is the rate of destruction in our body on
cellular level, as a result of which he soon perishes.

In addition, university staff concluded that
the most “favorable” time for death is 4
in the morning It is in this period most often life leaves
seriously ill people.

By the way, this “secret of death” Russian professor Anatoly
Petrovich Zilber divined in the last century. And not only guessed,
but also explained that all this happens because of the change
geomagnetic environment that morning, negative
affecting the functions of all internal organs. And if
a healthy body hardly notices this, then seriously ill patients
people run the risk of saying goodbye to life at this fatal hour.

It is not by chance that Zilber has been practicing hospital visits until 4 at that time.
in the morning, thanks to which he saved the lives of hundreds of his own
patients. Living in Karelia, the 87-year-old professor is still
practicing this mode of operation of its clinic, whose employees
intensive preventive therapy is carried out between 3 and 5
hours of the morning, so that they protect their seriously ill patients from death

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