What kind of weapon there is, now alsokiller plants

Why? We have atomic weapons, chemical and biological –
you are welcome. There is even a psychotropic. What else to come up with?
Making the animals participate in the war – so it too is (dogs,
fighting dolphins and so on). But it turns out the massacre
people can connect more plants …

For example, in the US, this dark one is busy today
(terribly classified) defense ministry structure as Defense
Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). On account of this
organizations, many inventions related to both defense and
mass extermination of mankind. And now the military
The United States is working hard on the soldier of the future –
killer plants (Advanced Plant Technologies). These
inconspicuous green warriors can carry guard service, rooted in
ranks of opponents and simply destroy entire armies (or even peaceful
population – and what’s the difference for the US military).

The green soldiers have one great advantage over ordinary
warriors: they are able to quickly copy their own kind and
constant renewal of their ranks. In addition, they can not
to be afraid of atomic, biological and chemical weapons that are already
There are many countries in the world. The thing, as they say, is small: do
such plants are manageable, that is, obedient to orders
the host.

How far have DARPA scientists advanced in implementing major
tasks of the apt program, unknown to anyone. However, the manual of this
covert structure does not even hide the fact that experiments of this type
were carried out before, and some of them even became property
the public.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agenc specialists obviously
mean modified sunflower killer helianthus
triffidus occidentalis, who either escaped from the secret
US military laboratories, whether they were specially released
for testing on the US population.

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