What made the United States urgently resumemoon program

For many modern space explorers and supporters
alien presence theory on Earth still remains
insoluble mystery why the United States and the USSR in the last century suddenly
stopped interested in the moon.

One of the most common versions is both.
collided with aliens on the moon who “politely asked”
earthlings to get out. However, in this case incomprehensible
becomes the aspiration of modern society, and how
American and Russian, once again begin to conquer
artificial satellite of the Earth.

For example, the need to build in the near future
human settlement on the moon has more than once declared
�Roscosmos. China and India are also showing great interest in this.
and many other leading countries of the world.

Now and the United States of America once again turned their attention to
Selena, once forgotten by them. How do the journalists write the newspaper Wall Street
Journal, US Vice President Mike Pence announced the signing of the order
to restore the National Space Council.

America must once again become a leader in space exploration and first
the moon’s turn, curled Pence, because, unfortunately, now
time is not us, but players like Russia and China are leaders in
this area. Already in the coming years we must build on the moon
a permanent settlement under the flag of the United States, this is the first strategic
America’s challenge in space exploration!

Recall that in August of this year about the same words
spoke NASA former astronaut Chris Hadfield, who emphasized
that the first step that humankind should take today is
create a settlement on its natural satellite, and only then
extend the interests further – to Mars, Venus and so on.

Interestingly, ufologists and conspiracy therapists exclaim, how is it
understand? Do Americans have not learned anything from previous flights
to the moon? Or these flights simply did not exist, as claimed
some researchers of this “shameful page” in space exploration

And yet, some very serious reasons were for
ending the colonization of the moon in the last century. And if so, why
Suddenly a new surge of interest in this topic? Are aliens
left Selena? Or, finally, allowed earthlings to build there
your settlement? ..

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