What so frightened a pack of monkeys?

Residents of a small village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh
unexpectedly discovered a dozen monkeys on a clearing in the near forest
corpses. Obviously, all 12 monkeys died at once, being close to each other
to a friend, however, there was no sign of violence on their bodies.
Surprised villagers contacted local department staff
wildlife, and specialists were sent to the village to
investigating a mysterious incident.

Killing monkeys is a serious offense in India. Many
farmers wanting to protect their crops from voracious primates,
use poison. The guards of nature, too, first thought that
monkeys poisoned, but the autopsy refuted this hypothesis. Story
acquired a new mysterious coil, when it turned out that a flock of 12
animals simultaneously died from sudden cardiac arrest.
Experts suggest that primates were scared by some creature
perhaps a tiger, although this is unlikely. To monkeys accustomed
to the neighborhood with big cats, so scared of appearing
predator, and all at once, this is just hard to believe.

The phrase “die from a heart burst,” is, by and large,
hyperbolic literary stamp. However, the medics
it is reported that in the rarest of cases when a scare for a living being
incredibly strong, possible cardiac arrest due to shock. Not
It is possible that in this case everything was exactly that. But what
made the unfortunate caudate to bunch up and die on the spot?
Notужели это был какой-нибудь монстр из параллельного мира, скажем,
Chupacabra or Yeti?

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