What told the remains of the mummifiedfalcon

The Maidstone Museum in the UK has been stored for a long time.
donated back in 1925 by one of their collectors is quite ordinary
экспонат — мумия falcon, обнаруженная некогда в одной из усыпальниц
Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

The only advantage of this exhibit was its age –
approximately 2100 years old, however such mummified birds
used in ancient Egypt quite often. Moreover, it was not
It is known from which tomb and when this exhibit was taken, in
further donated to the British Museum.

Самое интересное, что мумию falcon никто никогда толком не
studied, believing the surface pattern on it, on top
которого были начертаны символы, напоминающие falcon — отсюда и
название «мумия falcon».

И вот совсем недавно «мумия falcon» была подвергнута тщательному
scan (micro-CT scan allows scientists to see, and
means, and carefully examine the inner contents of the mummy, without removing
and without disturbing her burial material) along with other museum
exhibits. What was the surprise of researchers when they
understood that these remains belong far from the bird, and
stillborn premature baby.

What does a member of this study say about this professor
Anthropology University of Western Ontario, Canadian bioarchaeologist
Andrew Nelson (Andrew Nelson):

It turned out that this baby was still in the womb
such a rare affliction as anencephaly, in which they do not develop
the brain and the skull itself, which was the reason for the miscarriage.
The child was somewhere around 25 weeks old, he was already formed
body, limbs, even toes and hands, but the top of the skull
– not. In addition, he also suffered congenital cleft lip – so
called “wolf mouth”. Another thing is surprising: for what reason is this
miscarriage was mummified? Usually, such “children” in ancient Egypt
(and not only in it) were simply buried in pots, and only in
In the rarest of cases, we did exactly as we see –
mummified. Apparently the child was considered special, and his
stillbirth – a worthy departure to the world of the dead …

Currently, researchers are trying to understand why the mummy
the child was so strangely decorated with symbols of birds, and its upper
часть — рисунком falcon. Scientists have already seen on the mummy image
Osiris (the god of the underworld) along with Nephthys and Isis, as well as
mythical bird ba with a human head, an eye wadget and much
another, which indicates the high position of the parents of this child,
as indeed, on his own, be born alive and healthy.

The results of this study were discussed.
Extraordinary World Congress for the Study of Mummies, which
held on the Canary Islands.

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