What Tsiolkovsky predicted about the futurecosmonautics

The other day marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant Russian
ученого, изобретателя и основоположника теоретической cosmonautics
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In this regard, the first appeared in RuNet
site about the cosmic prophecies of this eminent man –
tsiolkovsky.tass.ru. The author of the project is a domestic
information agency “TASS”.

Konstantin Eduardovich, as many know, predicted the appearance
satellites, multistage launch vehicles,
orbital stations and many other aircraft. is he
He also foresaw the emergence of man in space and his landing on
The moon These prophecies were made by Tsiolkovsky long before
how it all became possible in practice.

The site contains many interesting facts regarding
views of the scientist on the future. For example, Tsiolkovsky suggested that
our civilization will make the first space flight only in this,
2017 At the same time, other technologies predicted by the Soviet
by the inventor, yet to be realized. So,
Konstantin Eduardovich put forward the idea of ​​a space elevator –
engineering structure serving for missile free launches
into orbit. Unfortunately, while this concept is still

Tsiolkovsky predicted meeting with aliens

Основоположник теоретической cosmonautics не просто напророчил
the invention of spacecraft, but also reported with what
difficulties will face astronomers. is he предложил
use artificial gravity in space stations,
air regeneration and special gateways through which stations
you can leave. Tsiolkovsky developed the concept so
called “rocket train”, which became the first prototype
multistage rocket.

Also very interesting is the following: the scientist did not hide his faith in
that there is a life far beyond the borders of the earth
us on intelligence and, therefore, level of development. Outstanding
the inventor was convinced that someday humanity must
will fly around the entire solar system, and then rush beyond it,
reaching as a result of new galaxies. It remains to hope that he
will be right.

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