When a fish comes to life in a completely unnaturalsituations

Who among us has not seen at least once in life, as bought in a store
fresh fish (not to be confused with live) at home suddenly comes to life, and sometimes
so violently that the hostesses get scared and don’t want to
butchering it until it “calms down” (not everyone loves
work with live fish).

But sometimes more striking things happen that border
with mysticism. The presented video shows two cases when a fish
оживает, казалось бы, в situations совершенно необъяснимой с точки
view of logic and all materialistic understanding.

In the first case, the woman defrosted sea fish, cleaned it,
beheaded and even gutted. It remains, as they say, a little
peel, cut into pieces and put on the pan. Not here
was: the fish suddenly began to squirm and jump on the chopping
the board than at first frightened, and then even laugh the hostess
(little tantrum). It seems that a woman still coped with
the shock that this mystical fish produced on her and, in the final
account, prepared from it a planned tasty dish, only
takes the doubt that she herself has become so mysterious
fish …

The second case is fantastic. It does not even appear
frozen fish, and frozen fillet bought in the supermarket.
And as the cook here the man acts. That’s what he
reports on this:

I thawed and even marinated fillets, while the fish did not show
yourself somehow unnatural. But when I put it in the oven,
I soon heard that a strange knock was heard from the stove. First i
thought that something was broken in the kitchen appliances, but … nothing like that
not found. Finally, I looked into the oven and just stunned: fillets
Fish came to life and jumped on the baking sheet. Naturally, I tried
capture on video such a unique case …

We did not accidentally notice that the hostess herself was hardly able to eat
revived carcass because a male chef admitted that that evening
he didn’t touch the dinner: it was somehow unpleasant for him to eat this
fish (and what if it comes to life in the mouth?)

Internet users agreed that they were unique.
cases, but if the first can be called striking, then the second pulls
already on a horror movie.

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