When a UFO disguise stops working

We must assume that the aliens are well able to disguise, and
because the lion’s share of the presence of their apparatuses in the sky we don’t even
see and do not fix on any technical means. However this
masking does not always seem to work.

According to ufologists, even alien technology gives failures. About
This is eloquently shown, for example, by the facts of accidents of UFOs.
Masking technologies based, apparently, on magnetic and
electric fields that distort visible light and make a UFO
almost invisible, also not perfect. So, during a thunderstorm,
when huge electric charges are emitted into the atmosphere
energy in the form of lightning, alien devices for some time lose
such a “perfect” disguise.

The video presented here perfectly demonstrates this.
He was shot the other day in the United States, and shows a really rare
the phenomenon, when after the next discharge of lightning, among the clouds
a huge “flying saucer” appears for a moment, which is right there and

However, what does a UFO do in thunderclouds? Some researchers
It is believed that alien ships do not accidentally appear in a thunderstorm,
they are most likely able to charge from lightning. True, while
the lightning itself destroys their disguise. Well, isn’t it so
more that for ufologists – even a certain gift of heaven …

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