When bees can drastically change or eveninterrupt your life

No, we will not talk about the wonderful in all respects.
passion for breeding bees, about the profession beekeeper. We will talk with
you about extreme situations that people get into because of
bees, because these “cute insects” not only bring us honey,
wax and other nutritional and medicinal products, but can also hurt
sting, sometimes fatal to humans.

Beekeeper, whom the bees did not bite, but only healed

So, the other day a villager in North Carolina USA Wallace
Leatherwood (Wallace Lakewood) went to a nearby town
Waynesville to buy bee hives. Having made a successful purchase
three beehive, man, before going home, decided
have dinner with your city buddies, why put the hive in
interior of the car.

Returning from the cafe, the beekeeper, to his horror, saw that the bees
left their temporary homes, flooding the entire cabin. To american
It became a pity 500 dollars, which he spent on the purchase of the hive, and yes
the bees themselves, of which there were about 18 thousand individuals: otherwise
if they had to be forced out of the car or even destroyed.
Therefore, Wallace Lakewood at his own risk and climbed into the salon
car and continued on my way home.

It was this moment that his friends videotaped (see
video). By the way, the American got to his apiary without any
problems, and even when he transplanted the bees back to the hive, he received only
only a dozen bites from the most evil insects that experienced
beekeeper almost easy “shake up for the body,” even
in many ways beneficial to health.

When bees become killers

However, such collisions with uncontrolled bees are not always
end so well. For example, a few years ago in the capital
Isle of Man Douglas workers of a landscape company
doing business as usual in the area allocated to them, when suddenly on them
attacked several thousand bees. As a result, almost all gardeners
got a lot of bites, after which they were all taken to the hospital.
After some time, one of the victims, despite the efforts
doctors, passed away. As a rule, a person suffers in this case.
the body of which does not tolerate bee venom.

By the way, bees can scare and drive out of their possessions
только людей, даже слонов (смотрите следующее video). This incident
happened a year ago in South Africa in the Kruger National Park. AND
although the animals were not affected by this attack as the inhabitants of the city
Douglas, they had to get away from the numerous stinging insects,
as they say, in all the shoulder blades …

A bee sting turns a man into a woman

An even more unique case involving bees occurred
a few years ago with an american ted prince who after
bee sting began to turn … into a woman.

As it turned out a little later doctors, bee venom provoked
the rarest genetic disorder called syndrome
Kleinfelter, which is why the level of the American has plummeted
testosterone – a male hormone. His skin has changed, his figure,
voice, disappeared secondary male signs on the face, and so on.
In general, Ted gradually turned into a woman.

True, the American himself was not particularly upset by this, on the contrary,
This metamorphosis brought him some fame, since his
they began to invite us to television – to various programs and
show. Ted himself called himself Chloe now, and even intended
completely change your gender instead of being treated. His wife
did not object to him in this strange intention, even morally in every possible way
supported. What can I say – reckless America!

Doctors have determined that the bee’s poison somehow restarted in
In men, the work of several glands. As a rule, bee venom
used to treat endocrine diseases, but in this case
He played a cruel joke with an American. However, the most affected
This joke seems to have liked. Unfortunately, journalists like
always, do not follow the further fate of Ted Prince. ANDли все-таки
Chloe Prince? ..

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