When falling, the meteor brightly illuminated the sky aboveArizona, what scared the inhabitants of its capital

In the fall of the meteor, which recently observed residents
The American state of Arizona, in general, is not unusual,
however, Americans are already so intimidated by the possible
Media) nuclear attack by the DPRK, that panic from any
natural or cosmic phenomenon.

And because the flash in the evening sky, which could only
admire (or even make a wish for happiness)
delighted, rather, puzzled residents of the city of Phoenix.

It is good that today there are CCTV cameras everywhere,
who also “noticed” the falling meteor and fixed it for
�”stories”. True, the most historical science is seemingly useless,
but the Americans, seeing this video (see below) on
Weather Network YouTube’s video hosting
They sighed and were glad that the real

Tell me, is it possible to live like this, and is it worth the country’s leadership,
bringing his people to such fear and hysteria, trust from
voters? ..

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