Where are you, home or aliens home

инопланетяне дома

Ufologists around the world have long ago put forward the theory that
aliens on Earth at home. They do not fly to
us from other planets, and live next to us, taking the form of ordinary
people. Sometimes they live deep in the depths of our land either under water
in the oceans and seas. In the craters of volcanoes are located their parking.
spaceships and plates.

Observers often record unidentified objects that
enviable periodicity take off and fly into craters. Exists
a lot of videos and photos confirming what is happening and what
that aliens are at home. On the Earth’s satellite, the Moon, aliens
built a space base for various studies, in
including those related to the study of physiology and human development.
Alien creatures are active, not turning on
people of special attention. There is evidence that aliens are at home
use earthlings for their own purposes, as experimental material.

Mysterious aliens left their marks on Earth

Mysterious aliens left their marks on Earth

In 2009, a team of anthropologists in Central Africa around
the city of Kigali found a real cemetery of aliens. By
approximate calculations alien aliens were buried
here 500 years ago. What happened and why mysterious aliens
left too real traces of their presence on Earth, for
scientists remains a mystery still. By началу, странная находка
It seemed the usual remnants of an ancient settlement, but after
careful excavation was established: the found creatures life here
they did not lead, they have little resemblance to people. All graves found
were “fraternal”, they rested on five bodies.

The buried beings were tall – 2 meters 10-13 cm. Their
the heads were unusually large, and the absence of eyes, mouth and
nose – it seemed strange. Scientists suggest that aliens are each
friend communicated by telepathic method, and moved with the help
biological radar like bats. Exists предположение,
that the mysterious creatures found are an alien landing party that
died when faced with an unknown terrestrial virus.

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