Where did a billion people go in the lasthalf a century

Of course, in the world without a trace and, moreover, in huge quantities
Both adults and children disappear, but the loss of minors
most worried about society. It is for this reason that in 1998
International Center for Missing was even established
& Exploited Children (ICMEC) – International Center for the Search for the Lost

Now ICMEC includes more than a hundred countries of the world, however, as
say the staff of this organization, even their center cannot gather
objective data, how many children disappear in the world in a year.
Today a terrifying figure is called – 8-12 million a year, but even
it can be significantly underestimated.

And if you consider that adults are no less lost, then by the most
modest calculations, over the past 50 years, the world has disappeared without a trace
a billion people on the planet. The question is, where?

However, the ICMEC data collected on missing children is not quite
reliable, that is incomplete. The fact is that the search for the disappeared
minors strenuously, although sometimes it is still useless, they are engaged
only in developed countries. In the states of Africa and Asia this work
sometimes not at all. As for adults, their loss and
no international organization is engaged at all, and therefore
statistics on this issue is collected very approximate. That’s
получается — за half a century пропал целый миллиард жителей Земли, а
maybe more …

There are many theories about this: for example, children are being stolen
pedophiles, medical institutions – on organs or fresh blood,
stealing babies even for cannibalism. However, 8-12 million
missing minors a year, and those who disappeared without any trace
(despite the thorough search of many special services), – this is too
a lot for such barbaric needs.

Conspiracy theorists put forward their fantastic theories, for example,
the need for slaves and fresh food, which as a tribute from our Earth
забирают инопланетяне в виде children However, and adults in these
snare gets a lot. Finally, people can simply “fall through”
in parallel worlds …

Supporters of the global conspiracy to the same believe, so here
in a barbaric way the Illuminati may well regulate
the number of inhabitants of the planet, even without resorting to world wars.
And they kill two birds with one stone – and the problem of overpopulation
The Earth is solved, and there is always living material for all sorts of
experiments and experiments. Scary, but this is our society. And if
even discard all fiction and speculation, the very fact of missing people
in huge quantities remains, and explain it just by random
disappearances for obvious reasons
it turns out …

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